Raisins Specification Standards 

This standard refers to dried grapes of the vitis vinifera variety,which have been suitably treated or processed offered for direct consumption as raisins. It also covers raisins packed in bulk containers which are intended for repacking into consumer size containers. This standard does not include a similar dried vine fruit known as dried currants.


Dates are fruits of the palm tree that reaches 10 to 15 meters or more in height. Dates have long been an important food source for mankind. Date palm grows in the northen hemisphere and is rarely found in the southen hemisphere. Dates are mainly produced in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. Dates vary widely as there are 3000 types of dates in the world.Of these 3000 species, 400 are found in Iran. As the largest date exporter, Iran holds the lead in this vast market. Iran export dates included Mazafati ,Piarom ,Kabkab ,Sayer ,Zahedi ,Rabbi ,Kalote ,Khasoei and others.