About Raisins

Raisins are ripe and dried grapes,obtainedby drying the fresh grapes and found throughoutthe year like other dried fruits. Raisins are mainlyproduced in Iran, Turkey, the United States,Chile, Greece,and Australia. Raisins can be consumed both raw or cooked in many different ways such as confectionery, baking, cake making, chocolate making, brewing and beverage industries. There are different types of raisins depending on type of grapes, methods and conditions of drying and authorized additives, also the varieties of raisins are classifiedaccording to their size and color. Our Organic raisins are plump, chewy, and naturally sweet. They're known as nature's candy because they are not only delicious, but also provide a rich source of fiber, vitaminsand minerals. Iranian raisins are the richest in the world due to minerals and processing and they have a special taste, color and appearance that can not be found anywhere in the world. 


Raisins Varieties

Grape skin is green, but after drying, it gets dark colored.Raisins are available in yellow,golden, green, brown and black colors. There are three types of drying methods:Sun drying, Shade drying, and Mechanicaldrying. Raisins were traditionallydried by direct sunlight,but that was not an efficient, economicaland hygienic drying method.(Sun-driedRaisins) Another drying method is dipping grapes in a solution of water , potassium carbonate and vegetable oil , this is the most common method.(sultana and malayer raisins)

Raisins benefits 

Raisins may help you:
-Reduce blood sugar
-Protecteye health
-Fight against cancer cells
-Build and protectstrong skeletonand bones
-Reduce risk of heart disease
-Improve skin health