About Dates

Dates are fruits of the palm tree that reaches 10 to 15 meters or more in height. Dates have long been an important food source for mankind. Date palm grows in the northen hemisphere and is rarely found in the southen hemisphere. Dates are mainly produced in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. Dates vary widely as there are 3000 types of dates in the world.Of these 3000 species, 400 are found in Iran. As the largest date exporter, Iran holds the lead in this vast market. Iran export dates included Mazafati ,Piarom ,Kabkab ,Sayer ,Zahedi ,Rabbi ,Kalote ,Khasoei and others.


Share of IRAN in global Raisins trade

Due to being on the Silk Road, many products have been introduced to the world by Iranian merchants since ancient times. Iran has always been the bridge between East Asia, Central Asia , Middle East and Europe. Meanwhile, Iranian productshave a specialreputationall over the world.Oneof these productsis Iranian raisin. The Raisin is one of the strategicproductsof Iran, which is known for being organic and healthily comparedto other existingraisins from other countries. Dried grapes are imported in different countries in high tonnage annually. The importers buy raisins of different quality levels according to their needs. However, world-classbuyers always have a high quality supply. So Iran is known tobe one of the strongestand top quality producers and suppliers of this market. In Iran, vineyards produce about 300,000 tons of raisin annually and Iran is one of the three largest raisin suppliers in the world by exporting over 200,000 tons after Turkey and the USA.

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